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    What do you do at Lynx?

    Area Sales Manager for the East Region

    When did you first play golf? What is your current handicap?

    I started playing golf with my father at around 8 years old at a local ‘pitch and putt’ , I  turned pro at 19

    What are the 3 best golf courses you’ve ever played on?

    1. La Costa (California)
    2. Torrey Pines (California)
    3. San Roque (Spain)

    Who would you pick in your dream 4 ball?

    Seve, the most naturally gifted player I have ever seen – Sean Connery ‘the one any only Mr Bond’ and Holly Willoughby to brighten the round no matter how good or bad were playing.

    What movie title best describes your golf game?

    Movie would be ‘Trouble in store’ a Norman Wisdom classic – the golf just like Norman's adventures could go in any direction on the day!

    Do you have any superstitions and if so what?

    I only use white Tee pegs – fingers crossed that’s all!