Prowler VT Driver with Switch Face Technology

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NEW Prowler VT Driver with Switch Face Technology


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Lynx® Switch-Face Technology is an idea that has taken the best part of a decade to perfect and produce. Various innovations in the past have tinkered with removable and replaceable faces on drivers – primarily for the purposes of changing the sound generated while striking the ball – but none of them have ever proved successful long-term.

The concept was borne out of the desire to give golfers true loft change options for the first time in an adjustable driver so, while adjustable hosel drivers, including other models in the Lynx® range, do give golfers multiple options to configure their clubheads, setting and maintaining the perfect true loft and face angle combination for their own individual swing becomes almost impossible.  

The Lynx® Prowler® VT with Switch-Face Technology (SFT) overcomes all these technical issues – both for golfers and for custom fitters – and delivers the most accurately-flexible and high-performing golf driver available in the market today.

True loft has finally arrived.
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