“It’s not just about golf: it’s about the planet we play it on.”

The proliferation of Single-Use Plastics is fast becoming a global problem, polluting our seas, choking and strangling sea creatures, and breaking down into microplastics which end up as a harmful and poisonous addition to the food chain.

In 2018 Lynx made a commitment to removing SUPs from its product ranges and continues to invest in plastics alternatives and recycling resources to minimise or remove this peril from our world.

On August 1st 2018, Lynx successfully became the first global sports equipment manufacturing company in the world to be Single-Use Plastic Free.

We have made several key changes to reduce our impact on the environment

Polyethylene (PE) Plastic

Used to wrap and protect its golf bags
before they are packed in boxes, is being abandoned
altogether or being replaced with paper.

PE Bubble Plastic

Used to pad out golf bag pockets so they keep their shape on display as well as bubble wrap packaging to protect shipping – is being replaced with recycled paper wadding.

Plastic Shrink Wrapping

Currently used on every golf club
head component, has been removed altogether.

Plastic Parcel Tape

Used on cartons and boxes when importing equipment to the UK, then distributing it to retailers – has been phased out in favour of reinforced gummed paper tape. Even the glue is biodegradable!

Stephanie Zinser, co-owner of Lynx Golf instigated this initiative

“We have decided not just to minimise the harmful impact our business has on the environment, but we want to positively help things along - and would like YOU to join us. We hope that you are not only delighted with your Lynx product, but we also hope that you will understand that without us all pulling together to protect our beautiful earth, we have no green spaces, no food, and no time to enjoy our glorious game of Golf.”

Reasons to BEE concerned

Lynx Golf are tackling another urgent ecological challenge: the decimation of the natural bee population due to loss of natural habitats, pesticide use and parasitic infection. This small creature has such a massive impact on nature as 70 of the 100-crop species that provide 90% of food worldwide are pollinated by bees.

We believe that everyone can help, and this is why we are also sending out packets of bee-friendly seeds to all our customers who buy boxed products from Lynx – golf bags, irons etc – so they can be part of the challenge to see just how much of an impact we golfers can make in halting the decline of these fuzzy winged ‘farmers’ who do such an important job in agriculture.

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