Stephanie Zinser, CFO

What do you do at Lynx?

I run the financial side of the business, and also like to meddle in marketing. I also keep an eagle eye on our ladies’ equipment design and development to ensure we make beautiful clubs that perform perfectly.

When did you first play golf? What is your current handicap?

I only began playing golf 6 years ago and sadly my handicap is not terrific as I am very much a fairweather golfer!

What are the 3 best golf courses you’ve ever played on?

The Lost City course at Sun City, where I doinked a crocodile on the head at the 13th with my golf ball, the golf course at Four Seasons Anahita in Mauritius, and the 9-hole course at Pine Cliffs in Portugal where I shot my lowest ever round of 87 gross.

Who would you pick in your dream 4 ball?

I’m so lucky to have played with one of my heroes, Gary Player, and have also enjoyed the golfing company of many famous and fantastic people. My dream four-ball would include Barack Obama because I think he’d be great fun, charming and a gentleman, Michel Roux because he is the quintessence of French charm and fun, and Laura Davies because she is not only a phenomenal ball-striker, but also because she’s got a wicked wit and is a fast player!

What movie title best describes your golf game?

Ocean’s Eleven, because that’s where my ball ends up whenever I play near water...

Do you have any superstitions and if so what?

I often think that if you’re afraid of something bad happening to you, and you mention it out loud, it won’t then happen. Things always happen that you least expect or don’t anticipate!