Making Golf Greener

Making Golf Greener

The world is overflowing with unwanted plastic. It’s choking our oceans, spilling out of landfill and microplastics are posing serious health risks to all life that comes in contact with them. It’s not funny.

We at Lynx Golf believe that golf should be fun, but not at the expense of our beautiful planet.

We believe we are the first global golf manufacturer to take action against the plastic scourge of environment, and we have already taken huge steps to eliminate all plastic packaging in our products, and to diligently dispose of any unwanted plastic materials we obtain in ways that do not pose risks to the planet we live on.

Most of these changes are being implemented immediately, and we will be totally Single Use Plastic (SUP) free in our packaging by the 1st of August 2018.

We will also be sending out with our products bee-attracting plant seeds so that all our customers can help protect this remarkable and at-risk insect, without whose pollination skills we would simply starve through lack of food.

Let’s make golf fun. And responsible. Choose Lynx.


A letter from the Owners of Lynx Golf

Dear Customer,

We all live and play in the same world, and if you’re like us, you may have children or grandchildren that you play with as well.

We have become very aware of the global problem that waste plastics are causing for the environment, and it is a monumental problem indeed. We want to have fun and enjoy our leisure time (and obviously golf!) but we want to do it in an environment that is as safe, clean and healthy as it can possibly be. This Spring, having read about the plastics problems, we decided as a Company to do something about it. And as a global company we have a duty to help a global problem.

We can’t avoid all plastics – they are and will continue to be a core element of modern life. But Single-Use Plastics – or SUP’s – used liberally in packaging of all types, are an unnecessary and dangerous thing to keep using.

And therefore we at Lynx Golf have decided that from August 1st, 2018, we as a company are going SUP-Free across all our packaging.

(Some plastics claim to be ‘biodegradable’ when in fact they aren’t really; the chemicals in them which help them break down are often harmful to nature; and when they break down they still remain as smaller elements which can still harm the environment. They can take decades or longer to degrade, and even then they need heat, light and oxygen to do so – which nobody can guarantee they will get.)

So we decided the clearest way forward was to get rid of all plastics. This means no more plastic bags, plastic tape, bubble-wrap, or blister packets.

Everything you receive in your delivery will contain NO SUP’s whatsoever and we have implemented this across all our products. We have also decided not just to minimise the harmful impact our business has on the environment, but we want to positively help things along – and we would like YOU to join us.

This is why you will see in your package there is a packet of bee-friendly seeds courtesy of Lynx in conjunction with Friends of The Earth, that we hope you will plant somewhere suitable. Bees are truly vital to sustaining human life, as they pollinate 90% of the key crop species that we use for our food. Without bees, we have no crops, and without crops, we would starve very quickly.

We hope that you are not only delighted with your LYNX product, but we also hope that you will understand that without us all pulling together to protect our beautiful earth, we have no green spaces, no food, and no time to enjoy our glorious game of Golf.

Thank You.

Stephanie Zinser and Steve Elford

Lynx Owners.

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